Mary Alessandra Chapman

Crazy Quirky College Festie


Known primarily as Mac (her initials), Mary’s a healthy weight for her height. By no means tall, she comes in just under 5’5" and 155lbs. Between October and April, her hair can be any color of the rainbow, and usually particularly eye-smarting and bright. From April to October though, she tends to keep her hair a dark, natural(-ish) red. This is mostly because her hair needs to be a natural color for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Mac   kelly
Shown left: Mary Alessandra Chapman and her boyfriend, Brendan Harcourt Kellson (Better known as Kelly) as their Auxiliary Royal Court/Terpsichore Dancer characters, Lady Mary Stafford and Sir William Stafford.


Mary Alessandra Chapman was never a particularly resilient girl, prone to colds and allergy attacks that would linger in a constant sniffle. You might blame it on the nearly-lethal fever she had when she was less than a year old, but it was the way life was for Mac and she lived with it.

Her parents were ever frustrated with her inability to succeed in classes, but attributed her mediocre grades to not liking school or the subject at hand. It wasn’t her lack of knowledge, as her test scores were stellar. It was the homework that was dragging her grades down.

She tended to keep to herself primarily because her odd choices in clothing estranged her from her yuppy peers and their Abercrombie & Fitch/Old Navy/The Gap designer clothes. Her teachers did nothing to help this, as they thought she was cheating on her tests to get her scores, and leaving her textbooks at home in order to have an excuse to not do the homework. (Though one year, the teacher discovered that someone in the class had been stealing her books from her desk.)

In high school, she was in choir and thus was involved in the Solo and Ensemble Competitions. Through it and her senior year foray onto the Speech Team’s Creative Expression division, she lettered three times. Despite her treatment as a child resulting in an avid hatred of her school district, she was so proud of lettering that she swallowed that hatred and got a class ring (with a ruby for the stone and the sides adorned with the symbols for speech team and music) and a letter jacket (red with black leather sleeves).

She started going to community college the fall after High School, plodding through her first year with only a few hiccups caused by her first job (as a Sales Associate in the Electronics department of her local Wal-Mart).

Brendan Kellson has been her on-again/off-again boyfriend since she was fourteen. His family’s never been fond of Mac, but inexplicably, they keep coming back to each other. Just before her 19th birthday (in the most recently past summer), they got back together and camped at Fest together. Since then, it’s been a little rocky, but over all, they’ve passed their usual three month deadline, so Mac considers that a good sign.

Mary Alessandra Chapman

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