Alexis Ivy Miller


Alex looks pretty average, so average she’s practically forgettable. It’s not uncommon for people to be unable to recall her name or features at all unless they’ve spent several hours talking to her.


Alex is unusually quiet about her history and past. She prefers instead to listen intently to information that others will give her. In fact, generally, it seems pretty likely that something Alex enjoys doing is just observing others.

A few things, however, are known about Alex. She seems to be exceptionally talented at working with computers. She also seems to have a pretty solid understanding of security and technology as a whole.

She seems to be somewhat of an enigma. A few things have become clear about Alex however, she refuses to judge things based on outside opinions. She is strongly against other people blindly following the advice of others, instead preferring for them to make the decisions for themselves.

Alexis Ivy Miller

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