And Shepards We Shall Be

Prelude - The Imbuing

Thursday January 12, 2012 6:00 PM
Location: Mall of America, North Side

The Mall was slightly crowded for a Thursday evening, probably due to the Firearms convention at the nearby Thunderbird Motel. Security and Police were in high visibility due to the convention, and the types of individuals that would attend it.

Despite that fact, it was a mostly quiet night. Disturbances where at a minimum and things seemed like it would be a regular sort of evening. However, at rough6ly 6:07 pm a scuffle broke out in the North Food Court between three individuals. Two of them appeared to be nondescript vagabonds, and the Third looked like a businessman from Texas, probably in town for the convention.

One gentleman appeared to take offense to the issue though, as the disturbance upset his dinner. He demanded to be repaid, and that’s when the violence started. The two Vagabonds crashed through the glass of an Old Time Photography store, and the Texan began a fist fight with the man. Several others joined into the fight. The scuffle lasted a couple minutes, and there was several instances of Property Damage.

Of course the individuals who joined the fight no better. There was something off about the three gentleman, and what no one else could see was the 40 odd spirits in the area. The “Texan” appears to have been sucked into Hell, and the two vagabonds where destroyed in various unpleasant ways by the spirits. After that, the Spirits seemed to be dispatched by some rolling haze.

Now the group is stuck with each other, strangers and unsure of what happened. Also, they have a slightly singed lariat that all those creatures were interested in…


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